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Doctor Clinic SEO Case Study

A Hypnotherapy clinic suffering from low website traffic and low attendance was able to see an improvement due to Marvel Web Solution. We assisted them in making their website more user-friendly, removing bugs, and upgrading their hosting. We were able to assist in expanding the website’s audience in addition to producing unique content.

Industry: Wellness therapy Dr. Clinic

Client: Dr. M.D. Witt

Project Commencement Date: February 15,2019

Project Completion Date: January 25, 2022

Project url:


If they wanted to attract more customers, a Wellness therapist in town needed to boost its organic traffic. They needed to raise their profile online and in the minds of their target audience because there was a lot of competition in their field.

Website Design
Opting Our Services

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Local SEO

Through local search engine optimization, we pique the curiosity of their ideal clientele. We increased our interaction with a more representative clientele by sending out messages to people in the area.

Google My Business

We set up and continue to update the yoga studio’s Google My Business page. Because of this, prospective clients could quickly locate them and get in touch with questions.

Content Creation

We expanded their website by adding multiple pages with original content that described each yoga session they ran. We successfully sent readers to their site via these pages thanks to the strategic use of keywords.

Link Building

We also used the SEO strategy of link development when addressing this client’s needs. We were able to insert links to other sections of their site throughout the entire thing. This makes the site more attractive to both humans and search engine bots.


  • 148% growth in website traffic as a direct result of more distinctive content being made available


  • They designed a targeted online advertising campaign just for their target audience.


  • The company has improved its presence on Google My Business to increase interaction with new clients.

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Aditya Tiwary