In this digital era, the most popular and widely used social network is Facebook. People are regularly active on the Facebook that increase the probability to convert them in to your costumer. Facebook is the major source of traffic for some business owners, they got more revenue from this social networking platform.  It helps your brand to become popular and regularly keep updated people for your products and services. Facebook has become source of sales and conversion in this online era.

Facebook marketing strategies can fulfil everyone ‘ultimate requirement like increasing sales, boost conversions of leads, improve customer service.

Best Strategies for Facebook Marketing

  1. Use Facebook icon on your website to leverage your website existing traffic. Put social media icon on Home page or header and Footer of the website to be seen easily.
  2. Use Facebook page link in your email signature, will be effective to increase your traffic. If you have any event on social media pages, you should add in your email signature.
  3. Increases “likes” on your Facebook page and post which is helpful to pledges followers and your posts will be seen in their profile.
  4. You can host contests, game and puzzles on Facebook which will increase likes and popularity of your Facebook page.
  5. Email Blasting can give you more popularity to your Facebook page.
  6. Promote your Facebook and other social media accounts in your store to know your customer about your social profiles.
  7. It can be beneficial if you choose an average time when your audiences become active in Facebook.

Steps to See your Posts Insights below:

  • Enter Facebook Page.
  • Click “See Insights” your Page header.
  • See your Insights overview > click “Posts” tab.
  • Hover mouse on post scheduled day and you can see the best time that your fans are online.
  1. Facebook Open Graph give users creative interactive options with their app such as like and comment.
  2. You can create and schedule post and status updates consistently that will appear on profile and Facebook page.
  3. You can add Facebook plugins on your site that can help of branding awareness, increase followers and like Facebook.
  4. You can use Facebook advertisement such as slide show image, video and carousel.

As per your result requirement you can manage Facebook ads that can help you to create your campaign:-

  • Facebook Page Engagement
  • boost your posts and
  • Increase likes and Followers on your Facebook Page Likes
  • Comments, shares, photo views, and video plays
  • Increase clicks and visit on your website
  • Use conversion tracking pixel to measure your Website Conversions
  • Use ads to increase your app installation
  • Use Ads for activity on your app
  • Use Ads to promote event
  • Use Ads to promote your offer
  1. Use The Facebook @ feature that let you tag people. It can help you to build relationship between your business and customers.
  2. Join and create Facebook groups
  3. In Facebook marketing you can see demographics show to know gender and age.

Social media marketing campaign or Facebook marketing campaign are branding booster for your business that regularly update your customer and reach popularity for your products and services. The above listed Best Facebook marketing strategy can defiantly help you to boost your business on Facebook.