As per my experience I’m sharing few point which will help us (Not 100% but will work 99%) for being my answers Collapse or Deleted.

10 Tips to Avoid Quora Penalties

  1. Complete your Quora profile with your original image and social profiles and Increase followers.
  2. While giving answer for any question, we have sure that the content we are going to post or write that must be unique and not promotional. We write as per the general user point of views. Try to share your experience not to promote your content.
  3. Don’t do copy and paste while giving an answer. Must write your answer at least 1st paragraph yourself so that Quora bots treated it as a genuine.
  4. Don’t make keywords rich your answers, just use 2-3% keywords frequency in your content.
  5. Try to make anchor in 2nd or 3rd paragraph
  6. Don’t post answer for single category like Finance or shopping, try to post some different categories answers.
  7. I think few answers must be without links. If we are giving 10 answers per week than give 2-3 answers without any promotional links.
  8. Don’t use single website like every-time for your answers, Try to use your third party reference links that build your authority.
  9. Don’t give bulk answer by your profile I mean take a time interval while posting answers I think we have to take 1-2 hr. W/b 2 ans.
  10. Most important thing is that the answers must be helpful and meaningful for the reader. Unhelpful answers fall into Penalty/Collapse/Delete categories.

What is Relevancy? Why it is needed?

In the digital market, relevancy is very important. Relevancy is a measure of how appropriate a given content, category, keywords or links. e.i If we are writing the content for any topics then content relevancy play very vital role, we have to write related to our topics and have to use related keywords as well. And while posting we have to target website which are related to the content.

Otherwise the content will be marked as a spam so we have keep in mind this important thing.

How to Get Rid Of from Web 2.0 Penalties?

While creating any web 2.0 as a micro website or blog you have to keep few point that will help you to keep away from penalty –

  1. Don’t make your web 2.0 keywords rich, and always publish only unique and plagiarism free content. Content quality must be good, otherwise your web 2.0 may be penalize, Keywords frequency must be below 3%.
  2. Post must be informative and helpful for the readers.
  3. Keep in mind outbound links must be spam free. I mean don’t link those sites which have more than 3 spam score.
  4. Don’t hide text or links from users using CSS.
  5. Don’t allow users to make your post spam by blog post commenting. Block such a user’s.

Hope this article will help you to from Quora and Web 2.0 penalties!