Today, every law firms are dealing with increasing competition with digital marketing. They have to make their presence online market with their positive image. Many people hit Google to get information so it is important for the lawyers and Law firms to understand the importance of SEO for their website. It is very important to understand how SEO is work when someone is searching any key term to get service of lawyers or popular law firm in India. There are many SEO firms who is providing their service to get lawyers in Top of the search engine.

Fundamentals of Law Firm SEO

When you search in Google “Law Firms” which website is coming on Top of the search engine? If you want to rank on top so that people can visit your website, what strategy needs to be done? SEO brings organic results for your business and convert people to your potential customers. SEO for law firm is different things.

Know your law firm website’s online presence plan and strategies SEO activities. SEO is long term process which gives long lasting results so you need to prepare for the long term dynamic marketing process, whether you hire a law firm SEO agency or initiating it at your end. Here, we are giving you information for your help to plan SEO for Lawyers or SEO for Law Firms.

Tips to Consider For Lawyers SEO or Attorneys SEO in Kanpur India

There are number of factors are involve to optimize lawyers website. SEO mainly depends on your website structure, navigation, content and link building. Your website should be SEO friendly as well as user friendly, both are important factor. Keywords should be more industry specific and relevant to your service so that you can get more weightage to be rank on the top of the search engine results pages (SERP).

• Keywords Selection Related to Lawyers: – 

The first and foremost point is the selection of keywords according to your industry. Make a list of keywords which is highly searchable by people in Google and analyze your competitor what keywords they are using can give an exact idea of keywords selection for your business. If you are a location base service provider then it is very good option to choose keywords with your area location. Keywords with location can get rank soon in search engine and can bring relevant traffic for your website. There are many tools which can help you to select keywords according to your industry.

• Domain With and Without WWW: – 

Have domain with www or without www because a website which is running with both has canonical issues. Google understand both domains are different websites. So defining the preferred domain will help you to avoid webpage duplication.

• Install SSL Certificate (Redirect Http to Https): –

Google has announced a deadline of July 2018 as the date for when Chrome will begin explicitly warning users if a site is insecure. More than 50 percent of Internet browsers worldwide are Chrome, meaning this change may have a significant impact on websites. Implement SSL certificate on your website can boost your website ranking on Google search engine.

• Google Analytics: –

This tools tracks traffic from different sources, Direct, Organic, Referral, Social and others. This tool monitor how your website is getting total traffic and how visitors are interacting with your website. You can set goals to measure performance. The goals in the web analytics tool refer action like registration and transaction.

• Google Search Console: –

This tool is used to track website technical issues. Google Search console tool helps website urls fetch and index, you can add xml sitemap, you can see clicks and impressions of the keywords.

• Lawyers Website on Page Optimization: –

Optimizing your website each page structure present relevant information to the client. So put informative content and make proper navigation with user friendly design on your law Firm website.

• Unique and Informative content: –

Content is king in SEO, if you have informative relevant unique content your website can easily index and crawl by the crawlers and visitors will spend more time. When your website traffic increases, then it helps to build authority and improve keywords ranking in search engine.

• Meta Title Tags: –

This is attractive point for your web page, when someone search any query then Meta title appears on the search engine. It helps keywords rank in SERP so use descriptive tile using your targeted keywords. The length of the title should be between 60 to 70 characters.

• Meta Description Tags: –

This is brief description about your webpage, it also appears on search engine when someone search any keyword. It helps users understand about the webpage in short. The length of the Meta description should be between 140 to 160 characters.

• Header (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6) Tags: –

Headers tags should be properly used in the website as they are read by the search engine. As per Google Guidelines one page should have one <H1> and two <H2> tags.

• Website Loading Speed: – 

As, we all know, no one like to wait for website to load on browser so website loads also affect your keywords ranking means slow website loading speed can make you rank low in search engine result page. From 2016 Google starts to use mobile page load speed as a ranking factor for its mobile friendly rankings. Websites which take ages to load slowly down the entire internet and Google is considering this factor seriously.

• Robots.txt file:- 

Robots.txt is a file to instruct robots, bots or crawlers to stop indexing of particular webpages of a website in search engine.

• Sitemap.xml:- 

The file sitemap.xml is an xml file that contains URLs of the website pages, the date of their last modification, the priority and frequency of the update etc. Sitemap.xml helps search robots find all website pages and index them soon in Google SERPs.

• CTA (Call to action) Button: –

A call to action button on you website can encourage customers to call or ask query. Any renovate Law SEO Firm can add your phone no, add contact form and call to action button on all pages of the website.

• Google My Business Page Creation: – 

Add your website in Google my Business page, as it helps to rank your website on Google Map, if someone is searching keywords in your location nearby. Get positive reviews from your clients which can help to make trust on your service. You can add post by on regular basis to engage people with call to action button on your Google my business page.

• Make URLs SEO Friendly: – 

SEO friendly URL means that it includes your targeted descriptive keywords and can be read easily by user as well as Search engine. Optimize urls positively affects the keywords ranking in Google SERP.

• Internal Cross Linking: – 

Internal cross-linking is a process of linking different pages with each other of a website. Well-structured interlinking helps distribute backlink juice (weight) between the web pages and improve the website’s authority in search engine.

• Use Canonical Tags: –

Many websites have same content on different pages that cause content duplicity in the eye of search engines which harm the keywords ranking. To avoid internal pages duplicate content use rel=”canonical” tag.

• Fix Broken Links: – 

Broken links is bad for user experience of a website. Not found links discourage people not to go further in the website. If your lawyer website has a large number of 404 errors Google robots will decrease its overall ranking in search engine.

• Custom 404-error page: – 

A 404 status code is represent to a not found page. It may occur if a page was deleted, renamed or if a user mistyped URL. All not found web pages should be redirected to 404 error page that will inform users and it should be optimize that user can navigate on other pages.

• Add a Blog Section: – 

Blog post is important to keep your website updated with current information and helps in attracting, engaging and converting your users in potential customers. Blogs can help in improving a website rankings in SERP and traffic as well as.

• Create Quality Backlinks: – 

Creating quality backlinks is the important process of Law website SEO. Search robots crawl a website from top to bottom and they reach one page to other from links. When another website includes a link to your website, it tells the search engine boost keywords ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). You can create backlinks from various off page activities like Blog submission, Article submission, Classifieds, Social bookmarking, Business listing, Image submission, Press release submission, Infographic submission, PPt and Pdf submission etc.

Above are the proven SEO techniques to boost keywords ranking of lawyer or law firm website. We will recommend you to get your law firm website at top position on search engine results pages (SERPs), you should consult any professional SEO company offering specialized services to lawyers.